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First and second-generation Latinx youth experience unique challenges to access and participate in career and workforce training programs. Our youth workforce development program expands and continues the Career Bound workforce development program developed by McMinnville Economic Development Partnership (M.E.D.P.) for youth to receive work experience and career readiness training in viable income career paths.

As a program of Unidos Bridging Community, the program is tailored to the Latinx culture and family dynamics to increase Latinx youth participation and be more proportionate to the general population in workforce development programs such as job training, internships, educational courses, and apprenticeship programs. 

Our program advances intergenerational wealth-building and increases equitable participation in economic development strategies focused on Latinx youth in Yamhill County. It creates pathways to viable careers for youth ages 14-24 by providing essential employability skills training, coaching, and paid internship experiences. Program participants receive five training sessions for essential employability skills: communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, professionalism, teamwork, networking, and interviewing. 

The program provides a wage subsidy for local employers hosting interns to offset the opportunity loss absorbed due to hiring, training, and supporting our emerging workforce. Youth participants have access to wraparound support funds per participant to remove barriers to program participation and internship completion. 

At the end of their work experience and training, youth participants will have received meaningful experiences and begin to develop their local professional network to navigate economic and career development opportunities more self-sufficiently and to maximize their economic mobility. 

A pre-screening application and registration is required for participation in the program. Please call or text us at (503) 477-3408 or for more information. 

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