Mission and Values

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We envision just, equitable, and thriving communities in Yamhill County where the contributions and cultures of all residents are valued, honored, and respected.



Wellness. Our staff, board, programs, and organizational culture are rooted in wellness because all are part of interconnected systems. When the organization and its leaders are in the right relationship with each other and its resources, goals, and activities, we model the community wellness we strive for.

Equity.  All individuals have different strengths, needs, and varying access to resources and opportunities. Families and individuals receive targeted community support to address their needs and goals. We nurture partnerships that champion our vision and have a shared understanding of equity to leverage resources to achieve our goals and outcomes.

Learning. We acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers and turn to our community for advice and solutions. We experiment with implementing our program activities with innovation, creativity, curiosity, ongoing self-evaluation, and awareness of the strengths and richness of our Latinx culture and traditions.

Integrity.  We can accomplish our mission only if our community members trust our staff, board, and volunteers. To earn that trust, Unidos must act with integrity in all its interactions and be good stewards of the community’s time and resources.

Teamwork. Our Latinx communities are traditionally based on collectivism. We use this framework throughout our organization as we develop a broad network of partnerships, as staff support each other’s projects and programs, and as we invite our community to participate in changing systems to improve the lives of one another.

Humor. We do serious work and have fun while doing it! We create big and small ways to laugh and enjoy the activities and people we collaborate with.