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UNIDOS Latinx Coalition Meeting
Advocacy Event
UNIDOS Latinx Coalition Event
Latinx Advocacy Coalition Meetings

The Latinx Advocacy Coalition (L.A.C.) meets monthly to work toward a vision of inclusive, responsive, and equitable communities in Yamhill County. Through communication, collaboration, and advocacy, we seek to remove the obstacles to full access to local resources and services for Latinx individuals and families, many of whom are immigrants.

LAC participants are employees or volunteers in organizations with a focus on education, culture and arts, financial services, business, employment, social services, health, safety, or advocacy.

We invite all organizations in Yamhill County to share our vision and mission, and we welcome new participants.

Latinx Advocacy Coalition meetings
Second Thursday of the month, 9:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.

For more information, please contact us at

Vision of Latinx Advocacy Coalition

By 2025, we envision strong, diverse, and inclusive communities in Yamhill County in which Latinx individuals and families are fully engaged participants in all aspects of the community so that health and safety outcomes, educational and employment advancement, housing opportunities, and economic well-being are reflective of the entire community.

Mission of Latinx Advocacy Coalition

To improve communication avenues and coordination efforts between organizations and Latinx individuals and families.

To collaborate among organizations and Latinx communities to develop a full array of opportunities and services that complement each other and “fill in the gaps” while not being duplicative.

To advocate for full integration of Latinx individuals and families in community life through developing meaningful relationships and celebrating diverse cultures.