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The agriculture worker wellness program provides a dedicated outreach team which provides support and resources to Latinx immigrant agriculture workers. With a strong commitment to promoting health, safety, and access to essential services, our community outreach specialists go to where workers live, worship, shop, build community, take their children to school, and work. We provide linguistically accessible and culturally responsive community health education about preventing the spread of COVID-19, heat, and wildfire smoke-related illness, applying for and accessing the state’s free Oregon Health Plan health care coverage, labor protections, and benefits, and utilizing critical wellness resources and services. 

Unidos Bridging Community recognizes the invaluable contributions that Latinx agriculture workers make to our agricultural economy and rural communities. Our program addresses our community’s essential workers’ unique needs and challenges with this understanding. Our community outreach specialists, first-generation Latinx immigrants fluent in Spanish, engage directly with our community to provide essential information about health and wellness. Through in-person and accessible communication, our staff ensures that workers don’t have language and digital literacy barriers to critical health information.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our outreach specialists educated workers about the importance of following safety protocols, such as wearing masks correctly, practicing proper hand hygiene, and maintaining physical distancing. We also organized community COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinics in schools, churches, public parks, and small business parking lots monthly for a year and a half to increase access to critical healthcare services for our agriculture worker communities. We distributed thousands of personal protective equipment items and home testing kits to equip workers to protect themselves, their families, and coworkers.

We recognize the need to connect Latinx agriculture workers with vital social services. Our staff is a crucial link between the workers and resources related to healthcare, housing, legal aid, immigration support, economic relief, and other essential needs. We provide guidance, support, and referrals to appropriate organizations and agencies, ensuring workers can access the services they require for their well-being.

Unidos Bridging Community operates with a deep commitment to community collaboration and partnership. We work closely with local organizations, healthcare providers, government agencies, and community leaders to create a strong support network for Latinx agriculture workers. By combining our resources and expertise, we maximize the impact of our outreach efforts and strive to address the holistic needs of our community effectively.

We firmly believe that every Latinx agriculture worker deserves respect, dignity, honor, and recognition for their arduous labor and access to essential resources. By providing education, resources, and referrals, we stand with workers in support of their health, safety, and overall well-being goals. Through our dedicated staff and collaborative partnerships, we bridge the gap between Latinx agriculture workers and the broader community, fostering a more equitable society for all.

Join us at Unidos Bridging Community and be part of the movement to support and uplift Latinx agriculture workers. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who play a vital role in sustaining our agricultural economy and communities.